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Designed Clinical Nutrition

What is Designed Clinical Nutrition?

Aren't all vitamins and supplements the same?
What are Whole Food Nutrition supplements?
How are these Whole Food Nutrition supplements produced?
I thought I ate well - can't I just eat better?
How do I get a Designed Clinical Nutrition Program?

What is Designed Clinical Nutrition?

It is concentrated whole foods in a tablet, capsule or powder that are prepared in a vacuum, cold-process system that preserves all of the active enzymes and vital components that make it work as Nature intended. These Whole Food Nutrition supplements have been designed to match the needs of the body, as determined by the positive response shown when tested against the active Nutrition Response Testing reflexes that are found on your individual Nutrition Response Testingâ„  analysis. These are nutrients you are simply not getting, or not assimilating, in your current diet.

These deficiencies may be due to your past personal eating habits but it is for sure due, in some large extent, to the lack of quality and added toxins in the foods commercially available in grocery stores or restaurants today.

Aren't all vitamins and supplements the same?

Vitamins and supplements, even if they're labeled "Natural" are not the same. Designed Clinical Nutrition is not ‘over-the-counter’ vitamins. Over-the-counter vitamins are pharmaceutically engineered chemical fractions of vitamin structures reproduced in a laboratory. They are not “whole food” and the body does not actually recognize these as anything even vaguely beneficial. They lack the essential synergistic elements normally present in whole foods.

Example - A whole food could be carrots. Carrots are high in Vitamin A Complex. A “complex” is something made up of many different parts that work together. Synthetic vitamin A does not contain the whole “Vitamin A Complex” found in nature. They synthesize the one component, beta-carotene, and call that Vitamin A.
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If one actually were deficient in any of the components of Vitamin A Complex, one would be wise to seek out a supplement that was made from whole foods that were rich in this complex – such as carrots – not from chemicals re-engineered in a laboratory to look like one small fragment of the Vitamin A Complex that has been labeled as “Vitamin A.”

Again, our Whole Food Nutrition supplements contain the essential synergistic elements present in the WHOLE Food.

What are Whole Food Nutrition supplements?

Whole food nutrition supplements are entirely derived from specific whole foods that have undergone very little processing and have been organically grown without the use of toxic synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. They are prepared in such a way that preserves their vital enzymes and vitamins; making them the optimum vitamin-mineral products from which your body can get complete nutrition.

By restoring the nutrition from which your body was founded, it is possible to enable your body to heal itself... just as Nature intended.

How are these Whole Food Nutrition supplements produced?

One example of a Designed Clinical Nutrition supplement that we use is called Catalyn. This product is produced by starting with a wide variety of carefully chosen organically grown vegetables, taking the water and fiber out using a vacuum, low heat process – without heating or cooking the vegetables, and then utilizing the concentrated food to make a bottle of Standard Process brand Catalyn Tablets.

The key to this whole procedure is the way it is done, using the Standard Process method devised by Dr. Royal Lee.

I thought I ate well - can't I just eat better?

There has been a drastic decline in the quality of food over the past 75 years, resulting in a nation of sick people who are dependent on pharmaceutical drugs. Your body's function is founded on nourishment from the environment (which until recently did not include heavy metals, toxic chemicals and pesticides).

Current food conditions make it next to impossible to get all the nutritional components your body requires to heal and/or maintain resiliency.

Much of the commercially available food in all grocery stores and restaurants not only have insufficient nutritional value but may contain toxins which work against your body and health.

Below is a list of some of the factors that may be contributing to your health problem:

  • Synthetic Additives
  • Food Coloring
  • Genetic Engineering (GMOs)
  • Hormones/Antibiotics
  • Microwaving
  • Food Radiation
  • Flash Freezing
  • Preservatives
  • Depleted Soil
  • Toxic Chemicals 

How do I get a Designed Clinical Nutrition Program?

As a Nutrition Response Testing patient, you will receive an individualized program based on the results of your analysis. Your program will match the exact needs of your body that has contributed to your current state of ill-health and will correct the deficiencies or imbalances that lead to a breakdown in body's resistance, or immunity, and its loss of the ability to cope with environmental, chemical, physical and emotional stressors.

The good news is that with Nutrition Response Testing and Designed Clinical Nutrition it is possible to reverse the process and achieve Total Health Restoration.