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General Aches & Pain

Pain is any physical suffering or discomfort in your body. Aches are a continuous or prolonged dull pain in a part of your body. Aches and pains are your body's way of telling you something is wrong. Often, pain will be referred in your body meaning that the point of pain may not be the source of the problem. General aches and pains may include the following sensations:

  • Stabbing or throbbing
  • Burning or stinging
  • Cramping or pounding
  • Sharp or twinge

  • Underlying inflammation
  • Immune challenges (bacteria, virus, parasites or fungus)
  • Toxins
  • Organ dysfunction
  • Diet of processed foods and sugar
  • Subluxation (bone out of place pinching a nerve)

How our Program is Different?

Many of our new patients have one or more health conditions that won't go away and are significantly affecting their lives. They have visited doctors, or even alternative practitioners, but the results weren't what they hoped or expected. They realized their conditions were not going to get better unless the real source of the problem was found and corrected.

Your initial exam will include a thorough history followed by an analysis of your body using our noninvasive testing method to determine the underlying cause of your health concern.

Results will indicate the following:

  • Physical Stressor (muscular, neurological, skeletal) which will require a physical approach - Chiropractic Care
  • Chemical Stressor (nutritional deficiency and/or toxicity) which would require a nutritional approach – Nutrition Response Testing
  • Physical and Chemical Stressors which would require a combination of Chiropractic and Nutrition Response Testing
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Receive Natural Healing Articles, Tips & Recipes

A customized program will be created using the results of your analysis. The program will match the exact needs of your body and may include Chiropractic Care, Nutrition Response Testing, Designed Clinical Nutrition, and Guided Nutrition Coaching.

Our Total Health Restoration Program will not only restore your health but help you feel better than you have ever imagined possible (as reported by our patients)
"I have been getting out of bed for a year in so much pain, I haven't been able to put weight on my feet right away.

After 2 months of following the Nutrition Response Testing Program, I was able to get up normally and put full weight on my feet for the first time in over a year. My fears of being incapacitated by this condition have been alleviated. I now know I have control over my own health!"
- L.